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This is a Clay and Play group. We are friends first, and will enjoy getting to know each other better, as time goes on. We enjoy Making and creating out of clay, babies, animals, fairies,etc....
The only rules for this group, be nice to each other, and enjoy being in a family orientated group.
So if you are a Artist, or collector, you are invited to join ....Being a lover of clay creations is a plus.
We will enjoy challenges, games, and lots of love.
I Am sure you will be happy here. We are all "Sisters In Clay" and also , just plain sisters..and one brother..as in good in good friends..so please post so we know you are enjoying yourself.
Please join in on our raffles and Bingo games for nice prizes....


              The OOAK Dollhouse Yahoo Group 




The OOAK Doll House group has been created for ooak baby sculptors and doll clothes makers to get together and chat. We give each other tips, sometimes do swaps and just have fun getting to know each other. This is a place where we can all come together and share our love for the dolly world.



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